He does not work in silence .. Two bangs in the head of “Muhammad Ramadan” before the series “Musa” was shown


Actor Mohamed Ramadan does not cease to generate controversy and create opportunities from all directions to lead the trend, even if it affects his reputation or storms his fans and his artistic history.

Muhammad Ramadan deliberately from time to time, to float on the surface of the square with practices – provocative – mostly, to find a violent attack from the media and the media, while betting on his fans and the title that he gave himself “Number 1”.

Within one week, Muhammad Ramadan succeeded in attracting attention around him and arousing the feelings of the public and his colleagues in the artistic community through two surprising actions, which may affect the Musa series, which is scheduled to be shown in the coming month of Ramadan.

Ahmose series crisis

At a time when all workers in the artistic community expressed sympathy with the makers of the King Ahmose series, whose production company decided to stop its showing in Ramadan, Muhammad Ramadan sought to take advantage of the crisis and ride the trend by re-publishing a clip of the video clip I am the King, with the quote by the archaeologist Zahi Hawass, through which he explains that Muhammad Ramadan is the appropriate one to play the role of Ahmose in terms of formal specifications.

Amr Youssef’s colleagues went to support him through the hashtag “We watch and judge” in an attempt to influence the company’s decision to stop filming the series, while at the same time Muhammad Ramadan announced the production of the King 2023 movie.

The public accused Muhammad Ramadan of provoking the feelings of his colleagues, while others said he was trying to ride on the crisis and fish in troubled waters.

Video throwing money in the swimming pool

Muhammad Ramadan did not get out of his first dilemma, until he decided to raise controversy again with a more fierce incident, when he filmed and presented a video in which he scatters dollars in the air to fall in his swimming pool, and also puts them in front of his own lion in his home.

Muhammad Ramadan did not find an appropriate response to his fine of 6 million pounds in the case of the dismissed pilot, except for this video, which was opened to him by criticism and attack.

Amr Adeeb did not miss the opportunity to finish off Muhammad Ramadan, so he said, “Oh, number, and if you are not noticed that you are doing misfortunes in a year? .. By the way, you are not, but O Muhammad, who have money, there are people who have money that you have 100 times, but I cannot do that.”

Muhammad Ramadan is also facing lawsuits accusing him of insulting court rulings, possession of forged currencies, and provoking people’s feelings through the video he published.

The fate of the series Moses

Muhammad Ramadan is waiting for the series, which his makers describe as epic, to be shown during the month of Ramadan, and they are promoting it with high intensity to compete in the Ramadan drama in front of other works such as Choice 2, Cairo, Kabul, Er Ragel, Covid 25 and other expected works.

However, recent calls and hashtags on social media wanted to punish Muhammad Ramadan by boycotting the Musa series, calls that the series makers did not heed or took the initiative to respond to.

On the other hand, a number of the audience rejected these invitations, explaining that the series is not the property of Muhammad Ramadan alone, but rather that it is a collective work in which hundreds but thousands of workers participate.


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