He entered the cinema to see a movie and came out of a lifeless body – Misc


A young British man entered a cinema to watch a movie to entertain himself, and he found a lifeless corpse from it, after he was killed under a luxurious seat, which became a cause of disaster.

That was in 2018, when the young Ateeq Rafik, along with his wife, entered the cinema, and they chose to sit in two luxurious seats that were characterized by the ability to move automatically.

But this comfortable property caused a disaster, as it crushed the young man in a tragic scene in front of his shocked wife.

In the details, the young man began searching for his car key and his phone after the film ended, under the footrest in the seat, but he was stuck under the seat, and he was seriously injured, and his relentless rescue attempts were unsuccessful in the cinema.

In the latest development before the courts, the company that owns the hall “in Entertainment” admitted that it had actually failed to guarantee the conditions of security and safety, according to “Sky News Arabia.”

The company pleaded guilty to two charges before the court, under the Health and Safety Charter, because it did not conduct an accurate risk assessment between January 2007 and March 2018.

Meanwhile, the court is expected to issue a ruling on the incident on the twentieth of next July.

According to reports, the cinema employees tried to rid the young man from under the chair for about 15 minutes, but they failed.

At the time, workers were unable to reach the buttons that could control the chair, and the young man was not taken to the hospital until later, but he died days later due to brain failure caused by a lack of oxygen supply.



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