He fell over my head … Sham Al-Dhahabi reveals her opinion on Asala marriage news


Sham Al-Dhahabi, his son, the actress, revealed her opinion about her mother’s marriage for the third time, through the “Get Real” program with the media, Carol Yammine.

“Sham” said that she does not mind her mother’s marriage if the matter is in her favor, saying: “If only he would make her easy and happy, it would have fallen over my head.”

During the past few days, news of the actress’s marriage to Asala for the third time spread.

Asala’s daughter also spoke about the scenes of her engagement, saying: “Every thing was not planned. I was married, divorced, engaged, and broke up. Someone within us discovers himself with time, and we discover that we are different. ”

About her new engagement, she said: “He came forward with me and I was surprised because he was the sweetest thing in the world. We have mutual friends.

Sham Al-Dhahabi celebrated her engagement – April 9 this year – in a simple ceremony at her home attended by family and friends, and Sham wore a thin white dress, and Sham participated with her followers with pictures of her celebration and a photo session she underwent with her fiance.

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It is noteworthy that Asala is participating in Ramadan 2021 by presenting 3 series sequences, namely “Civil War” for Yusra, “Qasr El Nil” We have El-Sherbiny and “Bint Al Sultan” to Rogina.

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