“He married me with his brothers”: the strangest story of divorce in Iraq





Today, Thursday, the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq quoted a social researcher with the strangest divorce story she encountered when a woman found herself facing a group marriage.

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Social researcher Wiam Hatem said in a statement broadcast by the council’s official website: “One day I saw a divorce case that I consider to be one of the strangest cases that have been attributed to being a researcher.”

She added: “At the beginning of the conversation with the wife to ask about the reason for the divorce, the answer was shocking, as she informed me that her husband told her that he had married her not only for himself, but for his brothers, so I was shocked when she heard that.”

And the researcher continued, quoting the wife: “She was given a narcotic drink, and she did not know what happened to her, until she woke up in the morning and found her husband’s brother in her bed.”

According to the researcher, “the wife was prevented from using the mobile phone and was locked in the room, where the incident was repeated for other days until her family reached her and requested a divorce.”

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