He revealed the details of the “attack” near Baghdad airport … and a picture of the missile platform


This comes after 3 missiles fell in Military base at Baghdad airport Iraqi and American forces are stationed there, wounding an Iraqi soldier, according to what security sources said.

A statement by the Security Media Cell stated: “In conjunction with the pre-emptive operations carried out by our security forces against gangs Isis Terrorist operations in various sectors of operations, and its preoccupation in pursuing the remnants Terrorist elementsWe find outlaw groups trying to work our security forces on other fronts by firing rockets at areas that contain Iraqi forces. “

“Three rockets fell on the perimeter Baghdad International Airport Of the 8 rockets, the first one landed near Al-Karkh Central Prison, the second near the Counter-Terrorism Service Academy in an empty square, and the third near the headquarters of one of the Rapid Intervention Regiments.

He continued, “No casualties were recorded, while the treatment detachments began to dismantle the missiles that had not been launched, which were on the roof of one of the empty houses that had been rented about 10 days ago, and the Baghdad Operations Command began forming a working team to search for the perpetrators and investigate this incident.”

For his part, an Iraqi security official said that the three missiles landed at the air base in the part occupied by Iraqi forces, not US forces.

This base is shared by Iraqi and American soldiers who are participating in the US-led international coalition against ISIS.

This is the second missile attack targeting US forces in Iraq in less than a week, as another military base north of Baghdad was hit by five missiles on Sunday, resulting in five wounded, including three Iraqi soldiers and two foreign contractors.

No party has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Washington often attributes the attacks targeting its forces or diplomatic headquarters in Iraq to armed groups loyal to Iran.

In total, 23 attacks, with missiles or bombs, have targeted bases housing US military or US diplomatic headquarters, since President Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House on January 20, while dozens of others have taken place before that over a period of more than a year and a half.

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