He set fire to his house … a tragic end to “Rambo, the legend of Shadow”


11:53 PM

Sunday 04 April 2021

Fayoum – Hussein Fathy:

A.M., accused of killing his sister-in-law and his son, in Vedimin village in Fayoum governorate, wrote a tragic end for himself, after he set fire to the house in which he barricaded to try to resist the security forces in charge of arresting him, against the background of his accusation in the killing.

A security source said, “The 35-year-old accused turned from a comic to a legend in the trade of Shadow, a narcotic close to Astrox, and over the past years he turned many of his village and neighboring villages into addicts, which made him ostracized even from his wife and her family, especially He was constantly quarreling with his father and his siblings and more than once threatened them with death.

And the source – who preferred not to be named – continued, “During the past month, his wife insisted that he go to a clinic for treatment in order to return to him and their marital life stabilizes, but after a period he left the addiction treatment center and returned to his village Vidimin, and during the past week he assumed the character of” Rambo “. In American cinematic films, he blindfolded him and climbed to his mother-in-law’s house, and after moments of tension and tension between Rambo and his wife ended with the accused shooting his sister-in-law and his son, because of his wife’s refusal to return to him, and wounded his wife, mother-in-law and young son, and fled, which prompted the Senoris prosecutor to order the matter quickly Set it. “

The source added: “On Sunday evening, the criminal investigation services in Fayoum monitored the hiding place of Rambo, or the king of Shadow, as they are called, in one of the houses in the village of Vidimin, where the security forces took over under the supervision of Major General Tharwat Al-Mahallawi, deputy director of Fayoum security, and led by Brigadier General Osama Abu Al-Layl, head of the Sanhour Police Department. Brigadier General Muhammad Ammar, commander of the security forces in Fayoum, and officers of the Criminal Investigation Department, where the accused was called over the loudspeakers to surrender himself, but he refused to respond to the demands of the security services.

The source explained: “The accused fired a barrage of fire from his automatic rifle that was in his possession, and when his ammunition ran out, he refused to surrender, and detonated a gas cooker cylinder that was in his house and set fire to him while he was inside, and the security men ran to try to extinguish the fire before it spread to the neighboring houses.”

A security source stated that the commander of the Fayoum security forces died as a result of inhaling gas, after the accused, Amr N.A., detonated a gas stove canister inside his hideout in the village of Vidimin, while trying to arrest him.

Major General Tharwat Al-Mahallawi, Deputy Director of Fayoum Security, had received notification from Brigadier General Osama Abu Al-Layl of the death of Brigadier General Muhammad Ammar, commander of the Fayoum security forces, of suffocation during a confrontation with the accused of killing his family members, and the aforementioned accused was killed in an exchange of fire with the police forces.

Investigations’ investigations led by Brigadier General Yasser Salah, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department in the Directorate, under the supervision of Major General Sabri Al-Azab, Director of the Department, revealed that the accused recently left one of the clinics specialized in treating addiction, and was surprised by his wife’s refusal to return to him, and her family’s insistence on ending his dose of addiction treatment.

Investigations indicated that the accused brought a firearm, broke into his wife’s family home, and fired on family members, killing his wife’s sister with bullets in the chest and his son, while his 3-month-old baby son, Marwan, was wounded with a bullet in the foot, and his wife shot in the face. His mother-in-law, Badriya R., 56, was a housewife with bullets in the abdomen.

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