He was held incommunicado and the late president told him: I hate you … Corona ends the life of Saddam Hussein’s judge


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A retired Iraqi judge who presided over the trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has died, after a conflict with the Corona virus, according to the highest judicial body in Iraq.

According to the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Muhammad Uraibi al-Khalifa, 52, died in a Baghdad hospital where he was being treated for complications from the Corona virus.

Oreibi graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Baghdad in 1992 and was appointed a judge in 2000 according to a presidential decree.

Uribi replaced Judge Abdullah al-Amiri, who was sacked amid accusations that he was too soft on Saddam during the trial.

Uribi endured very few interruptions from Saddam and the other defendants during the trial – he even expelled the Iraqi leader from the courtroom several times amid fiery exchange of words between them, and on one occasion ordered Saddam’s detention in solitary confinement for several days.

A report published by the Kurdistan Regional Government website in 2007 stated that Saddam Hussein, a few days before his execution, wrote a phrase on a piece of paper to Judge Al-Araibi in which he told him: “I hate you a lot and I cannot see you and will not attend court sessions in the future.”

The Judicial Council’s statement at the time praised Uraibi for what he described as his courage in dealing during the trial of Saddam Hussein and the former regime.

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