He wore it on his wedding day .. Prince Philip had a special relationship with his shoes for 74 years


Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh, kept a pair of shoes for 74 years, as he continued to wear the black shoes he wore at his wedding for the rest of his life, according to what one of his close friends confirmed after his death, indicating that he was in love with this shoe, which he wore on the day he married the Queen about some time ago. 74 years old, November 20, 1947

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

Over the next seven decades of marriage, Prince Philip continued to wear the same black shoe during official events, and the president of the Confederation of British Industry, Lord Karan Belmuria, revealed the long relationship that Philip maintained with his shoes, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

Prince Philip on his wedding day
Prince Philip on his wedding day

He said, “He once told me he had been wearing shoes since the day he got married. We were next to each other, tying the laces together when he told me the shoe was the same one he wore on his wedding day. It was cool.”“.

He added, “This is because of his affection. It was that authenticity that had always been there. “

Nearly 13 million people watched Prince Philip’s funeral on TV channels bbc And ITV Yesterday, Saturday, with more than 200,000 views, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle had an interview with the American journalist Oprah Winfrey, which made a great sensation at the time, which recorded 12.4 million views at its peak.

Yesterday, Saturday, all eyes turned to Windsor Castle and St. George’s Church, to follow the funeral of Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, who left our world at the age of 99, days ago, and the United Kingdom bid him farewell today, Saturday.


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