Health: 928,000 registered on the vaccination site … and workers in the tourism sector will be vaccinated tomorrow


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Assistant Minister of Health for Information and Awareness and the official spokesperson for the ministry, said that things have improved a lot regarding the issue of receiving the Corona vaccine, in terms of crowding, after the redistribution of citizens in recent days.

Mujahid added, in a phone call to the “Al-Hekaya” program presented by the media, Amr Adib, that the Ministry of Health has made sure that the vaccination centers are not far from citizens in the different governorates, adding: “So far, 928 thousand citizens have been registered on the website to receive the vaccine, and we are keen On providing the number of centers to vaccinate 100,000 citizens per day. “

He explained that 90% of the elderly who suffer from 3 chronic diseases have been vaccinated with the Corona vaccine, and for those who suffer from two chronic diseases, 80% of them have been vaccinated so far, continuing: “Everyone who did not receive a message after registering on the website after 3 days He has to register again, and so far 177,000 people have been vaccinated in Ministry of Health centers. “

He indicated that workers in the tourism sector will be vaccinated tomorrow with the Corona vaccine, in the governorates of South Sinai and the Red Sea, and messages have been sent to all workers to register on the website and the Ministry of Health will finish vaccinating all workers in the tourism sector as soon as possible. Workers in vital sectors that deal with citizens, but in a manner that takes priority. “

He noted that Egypt entered the third wave of the Corona virus, and that requires adherence to precautionary measures to protect ourselves from infection, continuing: “900 thousand doses of the Sinopharma vaccine will arrive in this April and there are also 4.5 million doses that will arrive in Egypt on the first of next May, and we We are keen to produce the Sinovac vaccine in Egypt. “


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