“Health” withdraws “Al Tameer Authority” supervision over “Ras Gharib” hospital


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Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, decided to withdraw the process of supervising the construction of the Central Hospital of Ras Ghareb, north of the Red Sea Governorate, from the Construction and Housing Authority in the Red Sea and assigning it to one of the consulting offices contracting with the Ministry for non-compliance with the dates for completing the hospital’s construction on the dates specified for its entry into service.

As the residents of Ras Ghareb, in the north of the Red Sea, had numerous complaints about the delay in completing the implementation of the new hospital despite the passage of more than 6 years since the Central Reconstruction Agency took over, in the Red Sea the process of establishing the hospital, but the construction process did not end yet, which led to the delay in providing medical services and opening the hospital. To serve the people of the city, where the work of the hospital was suspended for more than several times, as more than one date was set for its opening without implementation, it was the end of June of the year before last.

The documents obtained by Al-Masry Al-Youm clarified that the Minister of Health addressed a letter to the officials of the Red Sea Governorate about a very slow pace in the implementation of the construction of the Ras Gharib city hospital, and where the officials of the Red Sea Construction and Housing Authority were alerted to speed up the pace of work at the hospital and to address the reconstruction agency that it could not be completed. The project since May 2020 and taking the necessary steps towards exiting

The documents included that the Ministry of Health formed a committee of ministry officials in February 2021 to determine the withdrawal of business from the stalled company and the formation of an integrated committee to make an inventory of the nature of what has been implemented, and the formation of a joint committee from the Ministry of Health, the Construction Authority and the Health Directorate in the Red Sea, and the withdrawal of the work of supervising the implementation of the hospital from the hospital Construction and Housing and completion of the implementation work by the original assessment on the account of the defaulting company according to the law and the terms of the contract, and to provide the Ministry of Health with the latest extract, and to deliver the entire project to the National Authority for Military Production to complete the project with the original assessment and notify the dates of the Prime Minister, Eng. Randa Al-Minshawi, of what has been done
The people of Ras Ghareb confirmed to Al-Masry today that the new hospital is the first of its kind in the city of Ras Ghareb in the Red Sea Governorate, and the new Ras Ghareb Central Hospital 12 years is under construction. 2014 was scheduled to be completed and opened three years ago, specifically in June 2017.

It is carried out at a cost of a quarter of a billion pounds from the budget of the Ministry of Health and Population, and the hospital has 87 beds, and is equipped with intensive care rooms, dialysis units, care for premature babies, and radiology devices of all kinds.

The main building of the hospital includes four floors and a basement, and the basement includes a physiotherapy department, a mortuary with its contents and a central kitchen. The hospital also includes a central care unit, intensive care, a dialysis unit, an operating room and intensive care for newborns, incubators, a radiology and endoscopy department, in addition to a generator building, parking spaces, and a fuel tank. .

It serves the people of Ras Ghareb and the village of Zafarana, in addition to receiving any emergency cases from road accidents leading to the Red Sea Governorate, and that the civil works of the concrete structure have been completed, the finishing works, the supply and installation of the electromechanical equipment necessary for the operation of the hospital, and delaying its implementation disrupts the provision of services Health for the people of the city.

Which is about 150 km away from Hurghada, and the city suffers from a lack of medical services and that the opening of the new Ras Gharib Central Hospital was delayed for several years, which disrupted the use of the hospital’s establishment and delayed the provision of medical and therapeutic services to the people of the city.

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