Hend Sabry, after participating in the Royal Mummies Procession: Pride for all Arabs … Pictures


The star Hind Sabry revealed new pictures of her from the “Parade of Royal Mummies”, in which she appeared in the pyramids, expressing her great happiness to participate in such a great event, and commented on the pictures on her Facebook account, with some poems from a poem Egypt by the poet Muhammad Naguib Murad, saying: “The gift of God from ancient times .. it is Egypt, so go my tongue .. and go beyond the limits of poetry and weight .. Lord love stronger than weights.”

Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri

Hind Sabry in front of the Great Sphinx

She also thanked the entire team participating in the Parade of Royal Mummies event, saying: “I love you, Egypt … Thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s event free of defects. The Golden Journey march was a moment of pride for all Arabs.”

Hend Sabry in the pyramids

Hend Sabry during her participation in the mummies procession

Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri

The ceremony of the transfer of royal mummies, in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, witnessed the singing of female singers Reham Abdel Hakim, Nasma Mahjoub, the Egyptian soprano and the opera singer Amira Selim during a singing performance, an event that the whole world witnesses.

Maestro Nader Abbasi led the orchestra during the ceremony of the procession of the transfer of royal mummies..

The procession included mummies dating back to the 17th, 18th, 19, and 20 families, including 18 mummies for kings and 4 mummies for queens, and they are: King Ramses II, Ramses III, Ramses IV, Ramses V, Ramses VI, Ramses IX, Thutmose II, Thutmose I, Thutmose III, Thutmose IV, Sqanin-Ra, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep the First, Amenhotep II, Amenhotep the Third, Ahmose Nefertari, Merit Amun, Siptah, Merenptah, Queen T, Seti the First, Seti the Second.


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