“His requests are more abundant” .. Ayman Younes responds to Sassi’s future with Zamalek


10:36 AM

Thursday 01 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

Ayman Younes, the former CEO of Zamalek Club, described the requests of the Tunisian player Ferjani Sassi as “the most”, stressing that he sat with the player a lot; To convince him to renew.

The former Zamalek star added in comments on the “Ontime Sports 2” screen: “I sat with Ferjani Sassi a lot. The player’s requests are more abundant, but I cannot close the negotiations.”

He continued: “What requires me is to provide money to preserve all the players. I must work on that, but I am against the idea of ​​a player getting big money and another getting little money.”

He continued: “I must follow the international system, which is that the player gets 51% of his contract, and the rest are bonuses when achieving tournaments such as the African Champions League.”

Yunus continued his talk about his negotiations with Sassi: “I laid foundations when negotiating with Sassi, and he is the club sticking to the player, no one can disagree with Sassi’s potential.”

And about the player Ashraf Bencharki, he commented: “I ended all the crises with Sharqi. My goal was for the player to focus only on the stadium, and the truth is the player has an agent who loves Egypt and stands a lot for Zamalek.”

Ferjani Sassi’s contract is scheduled to expire next summer, but the current Zamalek administration has not reached an agreement with the player to renew his contract due to the disagreement over material matters, in addition to the player’s desire to obtain his late financial dues.


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