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Much talk about The Curse of the Pharaohs With the imminent transfer of the royal mummies procession, tomorrow, Saturday, at 6 pm, from Tahrir Square in Cairo to the Museum of Egyptian Civilization in the Fustat region, especially after the country has been exposed, during the past weeks, to several accidents, including the stranding of the ship “Evergreen” in the Suez Canal and the disruption of movement Navigation for about a week, and the collision of two trains in Sohag … etc. The incidents that the country witnessed, and some linked it to the event of the transfer of royal mummies.

The “curse of the pharaohs” was not related to these days only, as there are many similar examples of this curse since the discovery of the tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun, despite the absence of scientific confirmations so far confirming or denying this curse.

The curse of the pharaohs afflicted an actor

Among these examples is the artist Ahmed Fouad. After his performance of the role of “Haman” in the series “Muhammad is the Messenger of God”, in 1990, a strange surprise occurred, which was that he lost his eyesight due to a mistake in make-up. », Which is placed on some wooden doors and cars, and he also put“ tar ”, in an attempt to impersonate the character, forcing him to remove these substances daily by using gasoline and jazz in the shower, and at that time the make-up was not developed.

Vision loss

On one occasion, during the filming of the series, the amount of “tar” increased, which led to the blockage of capillaries in his head and blocked oxygen to the brain, which led to his loss of vision, which made some link between what happened to him and the curse of the Pharaohs, which some believed hit him.

The most important works of Ahmed Fouad

Ahmed Fouad was famous for playing the evil roles, in which he excelled and proved worthy and worthy, as he participated in many evil works, including the character of “Hamouda Al-Awar” in the movie “The Suspect” and “The Thugs of the Night” in the movie “Five Bab”. Those works are his performance of the character “Haman”, in the series “Muhammad is the Messenger of God”, in 1990, which led to him losing the most valuable part of his body, and he remained blind until his death in 2010.

historical event

Egypt is waiting for a global and historical event, which is the transfer of royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Civilizations in the Fustat region in ancient Egypt, an event that re-talked about the curse of the Pharaohs.


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