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3:56 PM | Thursday, April 22, 2021

Al-Ahly's news today ... a new deal and concern because of Badr Bannon and the Mixoni negotiations

Al-Ahly team

“Al-Watan Sport” reviews Al-Ahly club news today, Thursday, 4/22/2021, related to the first team, especially after the loss to Smouha team, which was held yesterday, Wednesday, in the Premier League championship, with two goals against one, in the eleventh round of the championship. The Premier League, which was held at Al-Ahly Stadium, in Al-Salam.

Musimani asks for the return of “Abdel Kader” to my family

South African Betsu Mousmiani, coach of Al-Ahly’s first football team, informed the club’s management headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, of his desire to return Ahmed Abdel Qader, the loan player to Smouha Club, to the Red Castle, after the end of the current season, after the player appeared more than wonderful with The Alexandrian team during the current season.

A source inside the club revealed that Pitso Musimane was impressed with Ahmed Abdel Kader’s level. To find out the rest of the details, press Here.

Musimani supports Al-Shenawi in Al-Ahly after Smouhas mistake

South African coach Pitso Musimani, coach of the club’s first team, settled to pay Mohamed El-Shennawi, the team’s goalkeeper in the next Enppi match, scheduled for next Saturday, in the Premier League matches, after the team suffered a two-goal loss against Smouha, which was held Yesterday, Wednesday.

Musimani refuses to hold Muhammad al-Shennawi responsible for the loss despite the mistake that confused him. To read the rest of the details, press Here.

Al-Ahly negotiates with Mixweni because of Taher and Al-Shahat

Al-Ahly returned to open the file of negotiation with Luis Mixwini, the Tanzanian wing of Simba, after losing Smouha by 2-1, in the match that brought the two teams together, yesterday evening, Wednesday, in the framework of the matches of the 11th round of the Egyptian Premier League championship.

Al-Ahly administration wants to sign Luis Mixweeney, the Tanzanian winger, Simba, who scored 3 goals in the African Champions League and is one of the best players in the tournament, because, to find out the rest of the details, press Here.

Al-Ahly worries about Bannon’s “background” … and a medical examination for “Diang and Yasser Ibrahim”

Al-Ahly player, Malian Aliyu Diang, undergoes a medical examination after the injury he suffered in the Smouha match, and the medical examination comes to determine the degree of injury and the appropriate treatment program to prepare him to participate in training normally, after his exit affected by the injury in the second half of the Smouha match.

Badr Bannon, the team’s defender, is also undergoing a medical test today, after he complained about the injury in the back muscle, to read the rest of the details. Here.

Al-Ahly begins its training in preparation for Enppi

Team continues AhlyToday, Thursday, he trained without rest, following the team’s match yesterday against Smouha, in the postponed match of the Premier League championship, in preparation for the Enppi match scheduled for 9:30 pm next Saturday.

Betsu Musimane, the technical director of the team, receives from his auxiliary apparatus the report of the Enppi team, which includes all the information about the petroleum team, for the rest of the details press Here.

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