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03:37 PM | Thursday 01 April 2021

At the head of them is


The last period witnessed the approval of some of the league’s stars, playing for ranks AhlyWith the beginning of the new season, although they belong to the Zamalek club, headed by the trio Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the midfielder of the white team, Ahmed Tawfiq Joker, the Pyramids team, and Ahmed Samir, the winger of the Talaia Al-Jaish team.

Ahmed Syed Zizou

Mustafa Yunus, the Al-Ahly star, confirmed in statements to him that Ahmed Sayed Zizou agreed to play for Al-Ahly club, and that his father held a session with Al-Ahmar officials, and it remains only for the player to leave Zamalek at the end of the current season, to any of the Gulf or European leagues in preparation for the return. The Egyptian League again through the Al-Ahly club portal

Zizou suffers from a decline in the level during the last period since his name was linked to the transfer to Al-Ahly Club.

Ahmed Samir

Ahmed Samir, the former star of Zamalek, and the current Al-Jaysh vanguard, announced on several occasions his desire to play for the Al-Ahly club, and it is only waiting for Al-Ahmar officials to resolve the contract file with him with the Talaa Al-Jaish administration, with the end of the current season.

Ahmed Samir offers distinguished levels in the Egyptian Premier League championship in its current version, where he has scored 7 goals since the beginning of the current season, which prompted Al-Ahmar officials to consider contracting him.

Ahmed Tawfik

Ahmed Tawfiq’s name was associated with moving to the ranks of the Al-Ahly club at the beginning of the new season, especially since his contract with Pyramids expires at the end of the current season and he has the right to sign any club during the current period six months before the end of his contract with Pyramids in accordance with the regulations of the International Federation “FIFA”.

Ahmed Tawfiq assured many of his close associates that he agreed to the player for Al-Ahly club, although he had previously played for Zamalek.


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