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07:39 PM | Monday, April 12, 2021

Flashback .. Hassan Hamdy knocked out the best player in Africa for defeating Zamalek fans

Hassan Hamdi, the former president of Al-Ahly

Inside the locker rooms at Mukhtar Altech Stadium in Al-Ahly Club on the island, the young Zamalek player stood Imam Ashour Accompanied by his colleagues in Team 99 of the White Club, they chanted and sang words that included insults and accusations against former Al-Ahly club figures and presidents, headed by Maestro Salim Salim and Defense Minister Hassan Hamdi, the historic president of the Red Castle, to raise the player a storm of anger against him from Al-Ahly fans and his board of directors, especially since they are not The player’s first incident, according to Al-Ahly’s complaint against him, submitted to the Football Association and demands punishment for the player, recalling the player’s previous incident during the Egyptian Super match in the Emirates, when he assaulted Al-Ahly player Walid Suleiman, and was punished with a ten-match suspension.

The case of Imam Ashour, who was pardoned after he was punished by playing with the youth and not the first team because of his objection to the instructions of the French coach Patrice Carteron, brought to mind a similar incident that occurred about 16 years ago, the hero of which was former Al-Ahly volleyball player Ayman Rushdie, who He was named the best player in Africa 3 times, during the tenure of Hassan Hamdi on the board of directors of the Red Castle.

Ayman Rushdie canceled skirmishes with Zamalek fans

The story began in 2005, during a meeting between Al-Ahly and Zamalek basketball teams at the top of the league, in which the former Al-Ahly player decided to attend to encourage his colleagues in the basketball team, but the Zamalek fans present in Al-Ahly’s hall to encourage the Met Oqba club, began to direct insults to the player, his father and his mother For the star of Al-Ahly and the national team, and the best player in Africa, answered them with some signs and raised his shoes in their face, after he went down to the hall floor to greet the Al-Ahly fans, who were cheering for him.

A historic decision by Hassan Hamdi

Al-Ahly’s board of directors, led by Hassan Hamdy, met to discuss the events of the meeting afterwards, and came up with a decision described by followers of Egyptian sports as historic and victory for the principles and constants of the Red Castle, where the board of directors decided to permanently remove the player from the team’s ranks and lists, despite the fact that he was the main pillar of the club’s volleyball team Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, and won the title of best player in Africa.

Despite the decision, which was described as harsh on the player, he decided to retire permanently after his suspension from Al-Ahly club, and he rejected all offers he received at the time from Gulf clubs, and from Zamalek himself, due to his strong abilities, spending his life and his sporting career inside the walls of the Red Castle.

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