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08:48 AM | Tuesday 13 April 2021

Saif Zahir: Heavy penalties await Imam Ashour

Imam Ashour

Journalist Saif Zahir said that a large punishment was awaiting Imam AshourThe midfielder of the first football team at Zamalek Club, against the background of the player insulting the symbols of Al-Ahly club, following the match between Al-Shabab Al-Shabab, born in 99, which ended in Al-Ahly’s favor with a score of 2-1.

Saif Zahir: Ahmed Mujahid referred the case of Imam Ashour to the Disciplinary Committee

Saif Zahir confirmed, in televised statements on his “On Time Stadium” program that was presented on the “On Time Sports 1” screen: “Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee in charge of managing the Football Association, referred the case of Imam Ashour to the Disciplinary Committee, so the player will be subjected to penalties. Announce during the coming hours ».

Saif Zahir added, “There are heavy penalties awaiting Imam Ashour, by the Disciplinary Committee,” adding: “Zamalek officials must also impose penalties on the player for other considerations.”

Ahmed Mujahid: We investigated Imam Ashour’s video before filing a complaint against him

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the Egyptian Football Association, had announced that as soon as Jabaliya monitored the video of the player Imam Ashour, in which the symbols of Al-Ahly were cursed, she made an immediate decision to transfer him to the Disciplinary Committee headed by Counselor Sayed Al-Bandari to investigate it.

Mujahid added during statements to the “Honorable Citizen” program with the journalist Syed Ali on the “Al-Hadath Today” screen, that the video was investigated before any official speech against him came to the Union, following up: “The committee has a high degree of confidence and competence, and its decisions are always in line with the event.” .

When asked about the arrival of a complaint from the Zamalek club regarding the last Esperance and Mouloudia match in the African Champions League, in preparation for submitting it to the competent authorities; “Mujahid” said that no complaint or memorandum had been sent to the union so far.

He explained that the Egyptian Football Association always stands by the clubs in all their crises, whether internal or external, as long as the required conditions are met.


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