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02:35 PM | Saturday 03 April 2021

Source: Technical and administrative changes in the Egyptian national team within hours

Tripartite Committee meeting with Al-Badri

Hold officials tripartite commission charged with management Football Association, Chaired by Engineer Ahmed Mujahid, a session with Hussam Al-Badri The technical director of the first national football team, in the coming days, to discuss the needs of the technical staff of the Pharaohs, before the start of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Doha.

The session is scheduled to witness a discussion of all the team’s issues, including the negatives and positives, after the complete renewal of confidence in the apparatus, and following the decision to qualify for the 2022 African Nations Championship in Cameroon. In a group that includes Angola, Libya and Gabon, the qualifiers will start in June.

Al-Badri requests to set up a camp next May

The session will witness Al-Badri’s request to set up a camp for the team during the month of May, away from the international suspension period, as the matter will be studied with the Competitions Committee, especially since the league matches are under pressure during the coming period before the start of the international suspension set for next June.

A source within the Football Association revealed that Hossam El-Badry, the coach of the Egyptian national team, requested a technical and administrative change within his apparatus within hours, after evaluating the role of each member of the technical and administrative staff during the last period.

The source added in statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: The tripartite committee will discuss Al-Badri’s request, and determine whether or not his request can be implemented during the coming period, especially since the committee’s chairman, Ahmed Mujahid, strongly supports the first team, in order to qualify for the World Cup.

Ahmed Mujahid supports the first team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup

The source stressed that the head of the tripartite committee, Ahmed Mujahid, seeks to overcome the obstacles facing Al-Badri and work to solve any crisis in the past period, while providing a state of stability for the first team, after qualifying for the 2022 African Nations Cup in Cameroon.

The source indicated that despite the denials of Al-Badri and Tariq Mustafa, the general coach of the national team, that there are differences between them, the Football Association officials aim to clear the atmosphere and remove any deposits between Al-Badri and his assistants, in the event that no amendments are made to the technical and administrative staff.


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