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11:23 AM | Friday 02nd April 2021

South African newspapers call for Musimani's return of

Betso Mosimane, Al-Ahly coach

Patso Mosimane, coach of the club’s soccer team AhlyFar from assuming the position of coach of the South African national team in light of the former Sun Downs coach’s refusal to return to the leadership of his country and his adherence to continuing with the Red Genie. The South African Independent Online newspaper stated that it is time for them to be humble and beg Musimani to return to coach the “boys” team, Because he deserves to be begged, but there is a negative note after he failed to lead the national team to qualify for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations.

The South African Football Association is looking for a new technical manager after Netsky failed to lead the Bafana Bafana national team to the 2022 African Cup of Nations, after a disappointing defeat with two goals without a response away from home to SudanThe boys’ national team was absent from the African Nations Cup, where it ranked third in Group C, behind leaders Ghana and the Jedian Falcons.

The South African newspaper said that Al-Ahly’s current coach, Pitso Musimane, should be the only name on the South African Football Association’s list of coaches on a journey to find a replacement for Molivi Netsky.

“Netsky should not have been appointed as coach for Bafana in the first place, as he was coach of South Africas U-17 at the World Cup,” the newspaper added.

Musimane leads the best club in Africa

The newspaper added that Musimani is coaching the largest club in Africa, winning the hat-trick in his first season, including the African Champions League, and leading the Red Devils in Egypt to third place in the Club World Cup.

It is noteworthy that he won two triples with two teams in one season, one with Sundowns and the other with Al-Ahly.

“The players think they are above the coach. Netsky was a victim of that as well, as he called up players who did not deserve to be part of the national team,” she continued.

“Itomilling was not worth joining the national team. You need to choose players on the technical basis and not on experience, as Musimane can do that with Sun Downs while he does the same with Al-Ahly at the present time,” she added.

“It took Mosimane a season to win his first league title with Sundowns and a few months to win the African Champions League for the second time with Al-Ahly,” she said.


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