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08:18 PM | Tuesday 13 April 2021

Surprise .. Zamalek accuses a former member of stealing Mustafa Mohamed's contracts

Mustafa Mohammed

A source blew up inside a club Zamalek A heavy surprise, in the striker Mustafa Mohamed’s new contract, which was signed before the player’s departure for foreign professionalism, within the Turkish Galatasaray team on loan for a season and a half.

A source inside the Zamalek club revealed that the new contract consists of four copies signed by the player on the Egyptian Football Association contracts form, but they are not present in the club or in its treasury.

The source added that the administrative body is looking for the contract in order to formally document it in the Football Association, because it is not present in the club, and a former executive committee member has been charged for obtaining the contract and being with him now.

An official memo to the board of directors to search for Mustafa Muhammad’s contract

The Football Department presented an official memorandum to the Interim Committee that runs the club headed by Major General Imad Abdel Aziz, and it reads as follows: During the completion of loan procedures with a former executive committee member to the club’s football department.

And she continued: “Based on the above, we ask you to kindly issue your instructions to form an administrative and legal technical committee to receive copies of contracts, in order to discuss the documentation of contracts, an official memorandum issued to the Board of Directors No. 2210.”

Mustafa Mohamed signs a blank for the Zamalek club

Mustafa Muhammad had signed in blank, and had not put any money in the contract yet, due to the failure of the Zamalek administration to reach an agreement with him on the amount he would receive after the renewal for a season and a half.

The Zamalek striker left for the Turkish Galatasaray team and appeared at a distinguished level and scored many goals in the Turkish League.


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