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2:53 PM | Thursday 01 April 2021

Urgent .. Zamalek removes the photos of Mortada Mansour and the Century Club for 30 million pounds

Real Century Club sign in Zamalek

Examines the temporary committee in charge of running a club Zamalek Headed by Counselor Emad Abdel Aziz, a draft decision was issued that includes removing the banners of the suspended club president mortada MansourAs well as removing the Century Club banner.

According to a source in the White Castle, who revealed to “Al Watan Sport”, this decision facilitates obtaining an advertising contract for 30 million EGP annually, so that ads are placed in the same places where the banners of the frozen club president and the sign of the real Century Club are located.

The source revealed: “This matter is being studied for approval, in order to solve the recent financial crisis that the club is suffering from, and to disburse late dues to all sports teams in the club.”

Freezing Mortada Mansour Council due to financial irregularities

The Ministry of Sports, headed by Ashraf Sobhi, decided to freeze the former Zamalek council headed by Mortada Mansour, due to financial irregularities that the prosecution is investigating, and the ministry decided to appoint a temporary committee to manage the White Castle headed by Counselor Ahad Al-Bakri, who died due to his infection with the new Corona virus, and assumed the presidency of the temporary committee instead Including Counselor Emad Abdel Aziz.

Postponement of Mortada Mansour’s case to return to Zamalek

The Administrative Judiciary Court recently directed a new shock to Murtada Mansour, the suspended club president, after postponing the lawsuit to cancel the Olympic Committee’s decision to suspend him for the April 4, 2021 session, to view the report of the Commissioners ’Commission, which had recommended canceling the Olympic Committee’s decision for its contradiction with the new sport law, despite the lack of The implementation of the decision is based on a decision from the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, in his capacity as the executive authority entrusted with taking the procedures for implementing the decision.

The last period witnessed the issuance of a decision by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports to suspend the board of directors of Zamalek headed by Mortada Mansour, and to refer the financial irregularities that were monitored by the inspection committee to the Attorney General for investigation, amid reports that the value of financial irregularities had reached numbers that exceeded one billion pounds, and the minister decided to appoint A temporary committee to manage the club consisting of three advisors, according to the Zamalek club regulations.


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