Hossam Hassan’s transfer to Al-Ahly Tripoli will not contradict the 40 deal


Mohamed Farag Amer, president of Smouha Club, confirmed that the transfer of Hossam Hassan, the team’s player, to Al-Ahly Tripoli, Libya, is close to completion, adding that this deal will not conflict with his sale to an Egyptian club for 40 million pounds.

And Amer announced the arrival of an offer from the Libyan people of Tripoli to join Hossam Hassan for a period of 4 months on loan.

During radio statements for “Stadium 9090” broadcast on Radio “9090”, Amer said: “The transfer of Hossam Hassan to the people of Tripoli is about to be completed.”

He added, “It is assumed that he will transfer to the Libyan team before the 14th of April.”

He continued: “Ahmed Sami (the coach of the team) agreed to leave the player for a period of 4 months, after which he would return to Smouha.”

And he continued: “The value of the deal is one million dollars, and the financial value is supposed to be received in the coming hours.”

And when asked whether this deal would contradict his transfer to “one of the Egyptian clubs,” he said: “There is no conflict between the two deals, after the end of Hassan’s transfer period to Al-Ahly Libyan, he will return to Smouha to complete the league season, and then move to his new club.”

It is worth noting that Farag Amer previously announced the sale of Hossam Hassan to “one of the Egyptian clubs” for 40 million pounds – without revealing the identity of the club – provided that he will move to it from next season.


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