Hours after his crisis with Pyramids, Ahmed Fathy publishes his photo with Mahdi Suleiman


Ahmed Fathy, Ayman Dahir, the Pyramids team posted a photo of him and his teammate Mahdi Suleiman The heavenly team goalkeeper via Instagram, hours after the “Joker” crisis with the management of his club due to not participating in the matches.

And raised a picture Ahmad Fathi With Mahdi Suleiman the controversy, especially since the latter had a major crisis with his club management after he left for criticizing them in the media for freezing him in matches, which prompted the management of the heavenly team to impose penalties on the goalkeeper.

He said Hany SaeedThe sports director of the Pyramids club, he seeks to solve the problem of Ahmed Fathy, the technical player of the technical team with the current technical staff of the team, and said in statements to On Time Sport: “Ahmed Fathy is an important player within Pyramids, and I do not think about dispensing with him.”“.

He continued: “Ahmed Fathy has the right to anger because of his lack of participation, and the decision to participate in Fathi belongs to the coach only, and there is no crisis between Ahmed Fathy and the management or the players.” He added: “My relationship with Ahmed Fathy is fraternal and he was sad that he did not participate, and this is his right as a great player who has his name and history.“.

Hani Saeed stressed that everyone inside and outside the club knows the wonderful relationship that Fathi brings to the club’s management and his fellow players and the technical staff, and the player switches his best efforts with the team in matches and training, indicating that some have been provoked by the successive victories of the team locally and continually in the recent period, and by now deliberately spreading rumors. Basically true in a miserable attempt to strike at the stability of the team and disrupt its career.



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