How did a pilot live 36 days alone in the face of predators and snakes in the Amazon?


Antonio with the farmers who saved him

Photo released, Antonio Sena

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Antonio Sina with the farmers who saved him

Antonio Senna found himself lost, alone in one of the largest and most remote rainforests in Brazil, and what he feared most in his life was “the predators of the Amazon jungle such as tigers, crocodiles and anaconda snakes”.

The 36-year-old pilot didn’t just have to think about the possibility that it was a predator’s next meal, but he had to find some food, water and shelter for himself.

It was a risky mission, and he feared it would take days to be rescued after his plane crashed. What Cena did not expect was that he would struggle to survive, hungry and alone for more than a month.

Fall and crash The Plane

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