How do you do it? .. How to add direct printing to your iPhone or iPad


You can print directly from an iPhone or iPad, by adding a printer using AirPrint, so that you can print directly using a wireless connection. This feature has wireless capabilities on AirPrint, which allows the printer to easily sync to an iPhone or iPad and print directly.

1. Open the document, photo, or webpage you want to print. This can be found in your email, web browser, photos app, files app, or anywhere else.

2. Locate and tap the “Share” button, which is the square that has an arrow pointing upwards outside its center. If you don’t see this button, depending on the application you are using, you may need to select the horizontal three dots icon or the arrow icon pointing to the left. .

3. In the pop-up window, scroll down until you see a printer icon next to the word “Print.”

4. Click on “Print”, and on the next screen, click on “Select a printer” at the top, and search for and select the name of the nearby printer that you want to use.

5. Click on the blue word “Print” in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The AirPrint-enabled printer will now be added to your favorite device list, and it will appear as a printing option, and you can add another printer to your iPhone at any time by following the same steps using a new printer.


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