How do you do it? .. How to control Android TV devices via mobile


Android TV devices have become the most popular operating system for TVs, and they are available from entry-level TVs to premium smart TVs of various brands, and on the other hand, almost all of them come with a voice remote control that allows users to perform voice search and interact. With Google Assistant and control over menu and settings.

However, there are times when you only feel that the built-in remote control is losing some functionality, for example, the typing experience is always difficult when using the D-pad keys on the remote control, and in this case, it appears that using the Android TV app More convenient as it provides all the functions that a remote control provides, in addition to a full keyboard for an easier typing experience. The app also offers a pad option

How to set up remote control on Android TV

1. Download the Android TV Remote app from the App Store, and it is available on both Android and iOS.

2. Connect the smart phone and Android TV device to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Open the Android TV app and wait for it to detect the TV.

4. Click on the TV name and then enter the PIN code from the TV screen in the application to connect.

5. You can now start using the application to control Android TV.


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