How do you do it? .. How to create a map in “Minecraft” to track your location


You can draw maps within the game “Minecraft” because the worlds are huge, and these maps will help you to know where you are, where you have been, and where you are heading to. Once you have a map, you can even add your own custom markers, and here we give you the steps to do it accordingly. According to business insider, there are three ways to get a map in Minecraft. Either create one, trade one, or look for one in a box.

How to create a map in Minecraft

To create a map in Minecraft, you will need one compass and eight pieces of paper, both paper and compasses can be made with raw materials that you will dig and search for in your world.

1- Paper: Paper is made from sugar cane, which is one of the most common resources. Sugarcane grows near water in both swamp and desert biomes. Putting three pieces of sugarcane in a row on your crafting table will give you three pieces. Of paper, this means that you will need at least nine pieces of sugarcane for your map.

2- Compass: You can make one of it with four iron ingots and one piece of red stone dust, and you can find iron ore and red stone dust easily when mining, especially when you are near the bottom of the world.

3- Once you have at least one piece of red stone dust and four blocks of iron ore, melt the ore into four iron ingots using a furnace, then on the crafting table, place the four bars in four spaces adjacent to the center block, where you will place the redstone dust.

4- Once you have your materials, you can finally create a map, place the compass in the center hole of the 3×3 manufacturing table area, and insert a sheet of paper into each of the other nine slots.

Find or trade a Minecraft map

Obviously, the word “Craft” is present in the name of the game for a reason, as most of everything you use inside the game can be made.

But you can also try your luck in getting a blank map in one of the treasure chests of the world, and the treasure chests of sunken shipwrecks have about 8% chance of holding a map; The fund in the Al Hosn Library has an 11% chance. A village cartographer has a chance of close to 50%.

However, if you can find a cartographer, you can also talk to him to buy a map for seven or eight emeralds.


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