How does selenium help prevent obesity … and what foods contain it


Nutrients are essential for the body because deficiency of them can cause some health problemsSelenium It is one of these very beneficial nutrients, but people do not know its importance, and it has been proven that selenium provides benefits that can be effective in preventing obesity, so if you do not want to become obese, you must include selenium in your diet, according to the site. “onlymyhealth“.


For its part, the magazine published “eLifeA study states that selenium is an essential mineral for metabolic health that can help avoid the risk of obesity, and if you want to be in good health, you need to put in place certain dietary restrictions, including inhibiting methionine (an amino acid). Very beneficial for achieving these goals, but not everyone can follow this diet, so researchers recommend limiting methionine by consuming selenium.


Does selenium aid in weight loss?

It was important to find something that could help restrict methionine (an amino acid) to the body, and research has indicated its effectiveness. Selenium supplement Or eating foods that contain this mineral to achieve these goals, but researchers have found that selenium supplements are more effective in preventing weight gain than diet, because by reducing amino acids you can control weight gain by adding selenium to your diet, as it prevents the accumulation of Body fat is therefore effective in the weight loss process.

The lead author of this study, Jay Johnson, pointed to the benefits of selenium that it provides for human health, as it is not only effective in preventing obesity, but also supplementation of this mineral prevents diseases that affect the life span of people.

Foods containing selenium

There are many healthy foods that contain selenium, such as tuna, sardines, and salmonTurkey And beef, along with yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, and bananas.


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