How to do it .. How to add page numbers in Word on Windows


If you use the “Word“On Windows, you can simply add page numbers, not only for your pages, but also know the total number of document pages, all through some of the steps that we provide to you, according to what the site said.”business insiderFirst, we provide you with steps to add page numbers:

1. Click “Insert”, in an open document.

2. Choose the page number.

3. Select a location, either vertical or bottom of page, for page numbers from the drop-down list, then scroll through the style options and click on the option you prefer.

4. If you don’t want the document’s first page or title page numbering, go to the Design tab and choose a different first page.

5. Select the page number followed by the page number format.

6. Click on the circle next to “Start at:” and set the number to zero.

7. Select OK before choosing Close Header and Bottom to finish editing.

How to include the total number of pages in a Word document on Windows

Windows users who use Microsoft Word Also include the total number of pages in the document along with the odd page numbers.

The process follows several steps such as entering page numbers, going to the “Insert” menu, and selecting “Page number” from the drop-down list before choosing the location of the page numbers.

And when you scroll through the page number formats, you have to select and choose the “Page” section. There are several alignment styles for this, including Left, Center, and Right, and once you choose what you want, click Close Page Header and Bottom to set it.


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