How to do it … How to sign up for Twitter newsletters to monetize content


Twitter users can now start posting their newsletter via Revue, the Netherlands-based email newsletter and social media company that started in 2015 and was acquired by Twitter in January 2021, as this new project will allow writers and other content creators to create and publish messages. Their own freelance newsletter for a cost with a paid subscription.
According to business insider, this is in line with the increasing shift in Twitter to offer features that allow popular users to monetize their presence on the platform.

How to sign up for newsletters on Twitter

You can access the newsletters. If you log into Twitter through a desktop or laptop web browser, on the right side of your timeline you will see a link that says “more”.

Tap on that, and in the popup that appears, you’ll see a list of options, including newsletters.

Newsletters are still not available through the mobile app, but if you access Twitter on a mobile browser, the newsletter icon will appear in the pop-up menu after clicking on your profile picture.

Subscribe to newsletters on Twitter

Here’s a basic guide on how to get started creating a newsletter:

1. To use Twitter newsletters, first sign up for a Revue account either by email or a Twitter account.

2. Transferring the ability of Revue to access your Twitter account.

3 .. Create a profile URL, along with the title of your newsletter, and your country of residence.

4. Design and edit newsletter template, and adjust section headers, text boxes, links, and media.

5. Click on the three dots below the Twitter icon in the right column to pull content from social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Medium, that you want to incorporate into your newsletter.

6. Click “Preview” to review in your browser or to send a preview to your email address.

7. When done, select “Schedule”.

8. You will be prompted to “Add Subscribers”, and you will be taken to a screen where you can do so manually, through MailChimp, or by importing via CSV files or by pasting addresses.

9. After creating your list of subscribers, you can schedule your message to be sent now or later.

10. The confirmation screen will detail the date of publishing your message, the number of subscribers who will see it, as well as an analytical chart that allows you to track your newsletter post that will appear. From here you can “edit” your newsletter before it is sent or “cancel” completely.


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