How will the next Android change smartphones?


How will the next Android change smartphones?

Smartphone lovers are waiting for the latest version of Android systems, which is expected to be officially launched by Google this summer, so what will this version carry for devices?

In view of the trial version of Android 12 systems that Google launched to developers last March, experts believe that the next operating system version will carry many important features for smartphones, most notably the One-Handed Mode feature that will facilitate the use of phones with large screens with one hand by minimizing the display interface on the screen And control it to be in the direction that suits the hand that the user depends on most often, that is, similar to the feature found in some Samsung phones now.

The new version of Android will also carry noticeable changes in the control mechanism of icons and user interfaces in phones, as well as it will come with a feature that contributes to rotating the image on the screen automatically according to the direction of the user’s face.

The other practical advantage that may reach smartphones with Android 12 is the ability to run more than one application simultaneously on the user interface, similar to what is found in some Samsung phones, and the ability to control the size of the interfaces in which the applications will be displayed.

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It is assumed that the Android 12 version of the phones also comes with new features that facilitate easy calling for help via phones in emergency situations, depending on the main operation button, as well as features that help control the device and its applications by clicking on its backend, i.e. similar to what is found in some phone models IPhone currently.

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