Hundreds of victims .. The circle of accusations widening over the Darfur events


Al-Doumas statements coincided with data showing the rise in the number of victims of the ongoing bloody events in the state to more than 400 dead and wounded, in addition to the displacement of tens of thousands of people from their areas of residence.

The state doctors ’committee clarified, in its latest statistics, that the death toll in the city of Al-Geneina increased to 125 dead and wounded to 208 injured, in addition to the fall of about 67 dead and wounded in the citySerif district Until Wednesday.

The committee pointed out that these statistics only include cases that medical personnel were able to reach or reached hospitals, which means that there may be other numbers of victims that were not included in the inventory.

The accusation chamber is expanding

Accusations have expanded over who is responsible for these events, which many fear are indicative of a return Darfur region To the first war square.

Al-Dumah blamed most of those events on what he called cross-border militias, but he explicitly referred to the failure of the security services to perform their role, which led to the aggravation of the disaster.

Al-Douma said that there is no coordination between the governor and the security services, pointing to a large gap between the state authorities and the Minister of Interior, stressing that he often fails to contact him. He added, “There is no security coordination and in many cases not all information is provided about the incidents that occur in our state.”

Everyone is responsible

Al-Hadi, the wonder of the role, head of the International Peace Institute in Brussels and the leader of the revolutionary front that signed the peace agreement with the Sudanese government last October, did not exclude any party from responsibility, indicating that the life of the citizen should be a top priority in these circumstances.

He attributed the disastrous role to the great vulnerability of security in the Darfur region, the absence of the prestige of the state and the failure to activate the role of law enforcement agencies.

Ajab Al-Dur told “Sky News Arabia” that the formation of the joint force stipulated in the peace agreement must be accelerated and the protection of civilians should be ensured, considering that delaying the implementation of security arrangements is one of the main causes of the crisis.

In the context, Ashraf Abdel Aziz, editor-in-chief of Al-Jarida newspaper, says that what happened in El-Geneina lacked any political, military or even tribal logic, because it hit all local tribal norms beyond the wall, and weapons became the decisive one.

He added that the crisis has turned into a tribal conflict of a political nature, warning that if the parties to the peace process do not realize that the delay in implementing the agreement matrix means allowing the bloody series to continue, the opportunity will be missed and conflicts will continue without reaching a solution.

Abdel Aziz believes that distributing the accusations will not work and will not establish a solution. He explains, “Those who have the capabilities and military mechanisms are known, and if there is someone who supports them, finds the borders open and does these heinous acts, and returns to his home in safety, then this loophole is responsible for the military component and the security services, so why did not deal with these aggressive militias before they were stung by El Geneina from the same burrow?” From once. “

Numerous risks

The death toll is expected to increase further in light of the poor security conditions in the region, as the Doctors Committee says that rescue and supply teams cannot reach the victims and warehouses due to security difficulties, as supply and ambulance vehicles are exposed to frequent fire accidents while trying to reach the injured and warehouses.

Many other medicines and consumables have already been sold out, according to the commission. The number of workers is very few and they work long hours without rest supported by teams of Sudanese Red Crescent volunteers in light of the inability of many workers to reach health facilities, in addition to power and water supply cuts to the city, including hospitals.

Hot spots

Although the peace agreement was signed in October, there are still many flashpoints of tension in the areas around Jebel Marra and the IDP camps.

Fears are increasing that the increasing security vulnerability and the continuation of tribal conflicts will lead to the return of the situation in the Darfur region to what it was during the past years.

In fact, more than a thousand people were killed and wounded in a number of Darfur regions in the bloody events that took place after the signing of the peace agreement, indicating the fragility of the situation and the seriousness of the presence of a large number of major movements such as the Abdel Wahid Muhammad Nur movement and the other fragmentation whose number is estimated at more than 80 movements outside the agreement. .

Since 2003, the Darfur region has been witnessing one of the most violent civil wars in the world, which killed more than 300,000 people, and as a result of which about 4 million people were forced to flee to collective camps in search of safety.

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