I am also worried, and this civilization will continue … 17 declarations of Sisi regarding a judgment


02:47 PM

Wednesday 07 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated this smart and secure document complex in the New Administrative Capital this morning.

During the inauguration, President El-Sisi made several important statements about the Renaissance Dam crisis and the fate of its negotiation, which Masrawy reviews in the following points:

1- Egypt seeks to conserve water and make use of it through projects aimed at real benefit.

2- We reuse the existing water more than once and twice.

3- The water was from Aswan to the delta, by walking along the natural slope of the land, so we don’t need anything.

4- Ok, if you like to do this station at the end of the use of the water hood, where is the water, I throw it into the sea and do not make it desalination and use it in other places.

5- To get the water from below to the top in the Hammam station, about 104 km, by doing 15 lifting stations in order to release this water, and we treat it with an advanced triple treatment, we plant them in the area of ​​the axis of Al-Dabaa or Wadi Al-Natroun.

6- Egypt organized the celebration of the procession of transferring royal mummies to rulers of Egypt from 4000 years ago who were national leaders, and they drew and wrote history over 4000 years of their love for their homeland.

7- When we performed the royal motorcade, we wanted to say, let this state be free from a strong time, from the days when the water did not come down to prevent it, and no one was in its possession.

8- This state from the days when the water was not flowing like that and walking like that, and this civilization rose and this civilization will continue.

9- Egypt has not changed its position on building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for many years.

10- When I went to the Ethiopian Parliament, I said to them, Egypt does not object to development for you, but we do not accept compromising Egypt’s water.

11- We do not object to development for the Ethiopian people, but this development should also not be at the expense of Egypt, and it is not possible to accept any harm to Egypt’s water security.

12- Do you think about when I am worried about the water ?, from 2011, I cannot rest and I cannot rest from 2011, specifically from January 25, 2011.

13- By saying this to you because you are a genuine part and partner in facing challenges, but what happened in 2011 was the entrance to the challenges.

14- We assure the world of the justice of our cause within the framework of international law and relevant international norms for the movement of water across international rivers.

15- Egypt will not accept touching a single water point, because all options are open, and our cooperation is much better than we disagree.

16- Whoever descends the water there, our Lord, and whoever comes through it, the Egypt of our Lord, in the path of our Lord is determined, and whoever our Lord has made will not change mankind.

17- I follow social media and see anxiety, and frankly, the words are worthy and legitimate .. It is your right to worry, and I am worried too.

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