“I deviated” … Amina responds to the reason she appeared in the “Al-Maqam Al-Ali” clip


1:16 PM

Wednesday 07 April 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

The artist, Amina, revealed many details about her latest music video, “Al Maqam Al-Aali”, confirming that the idea of ​​the clip is completely new and she admires.

In response to the reason for changing her appearance, which the audience is accustomed to, Amina told The Insider Arabic program, that the reason for changing her looks was due to the difference of the song: “The first time with pictures in the desert.”

She added, “Every song has a style, and I naturally have to change, and this is what made me deviated.”

“Al Maqam Al-Aali” clip written by Ihab Abdel Azim and composed by Mustafa Al-Assal, distributed by Ahmed Hossam, Meeks, and Master Elhamy Dehaima, and directed by Adel Sarhan.


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