I offered condolences to him a month ago … the details of the arrest of the accused of killing a woman, Maryam and her son, in “Al-Sattour” in Minya


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The Ministry of Interior announced the success of the Public Security team, in coordination with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Minya Security Directorate, in arresting the accused of killing “Maryam” and her son “Karas”, with a machete in a street in the city of Bani Mazar, north of Minya.

Informed security sources revealed that the defendant was claiming “RKTH”, 37 years old, a tuk-tuk driver, residing in Nazla Thabit in the Matay district, and he is married and has 4 children.

Initial investigations of the research team revealed that the accused, the victim, and her family were living in Nazlat Thabet, affiliated with the Matay Center, and that they had a medical relationship, and that the victim offered condolences to the accused a month before the death of his mother.

Citizens from Ezbet Thabet, the place of residence of the accused and the victim, said that the two families had good relations dominated by love and coexistence, and there was a friendly relationship between the accused and the victim’s husband, which extended to the existence of a tuk-tuk partnership, and it was dissolved two weeks ago.

Major General Mahmoud Khalil, Director of Minya Security, had received a report on Saturday about the killing of Maryam Moussa Yaqoub, 27, a housewife, and her son Karas Akram Siddiq, 3, residing in the Thabit farm in the Matay district, while her daughter fled after the accident. Where it was found, and delivered to her father, Akram Siddiq.

A research team was formed and the identity of the accused was revealed and a prosecution was made. In a statement, the Ministry of Interior announced, “In the framework of the ministry’s efforts to uncover the circumstances of the finding of a corpse (a housewife) in the Bani Mazar district of the Minya Security Directorate, with a head wound, and the presence of her cream, 6 years old, alive and without injuries at the site of the incident and a hospital receiving the son of the deceased 3 (deceased) as a result of skull fractures.

She added: “The investigations of the working group formed under the leadership of the Public Security Sector, in cooperation with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Minya Security Directorate, concluded that the perpetrator (a tuk-tuk driver) – a resident of the Mata Police Station Department, after legalizing the procedures, the aforementioned was caught in hiding in Alexandria, Take legal action.

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