I regretted my “arrogance over your master” and decided to act … 24 confession to Asala F.


11:13 PM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

Actress Asala Nasri revealed many details in her life during her guest stay on the program “Live it Energy”, and touched on the works that she will sing in the upcoming Ramadan drama, and others.
We review for you the most prominent what Asala said in the following report:

– In Ramadan, I present three series of serials, including the series of the artist Dina El-Sherbiny, and the series of the artist, Yousra.

– I don’t love someone who calls me “Asala” with more “Sula” love.

– I refuse to describe me as the mega star, because it is called for many stars, and the name Asala suffices on its own and I like the name Sula more than Asala, and this is my first and last meeting on the radio.

– I am against Corona and I do not deal with others with fear, and I was busy during the quarantine period “like a crazy woman” because at the time of my “my own corona” crisis was a separatist crisis.

– I have a persistent headache after stopping my antidepressant medication, and hiring three psychiatrists.

I have more than a thousand candles at home..I love wax so much.

– I know the extent of my influence on people’s conscience and I do not care about numbers, and my love when I leave the world to say Asala was human.

– I love change, renewal, and adventures, and I make a sweet memory that I prefer with people.

– I regretted singing “You grew up on your master” because it is not my style. I have a different style of reproach, such as the song “Yalla Adi Mushekaya”

– I love cooking very much, especially for my children, and every time I like to introduce a different and new way.

I deserved an Oscar for my children, and I raised them all to love too much.

I am working on writing my diary with one of my close friends, and as soon as I finish it I will release it immediately.

I never thought of writing a special song.

I found out that I work hard with a lot and are not getting paid for that.

– I decided to change my life after the album “Don’t Give Up”.

– I took the decision to act in cooperation with producer Mohamed Mishish.

I hope to act in the Syrian accent.

– I never try to let my blood spit out behind the scenes at parties.

– I strive to get the positive and sweet energy before concerts from all those around me, so I stand on the stage with enthusiasm, love and enjoyment.

The adjective I want to change most of myself is that I am very quick to decide.

– I really love mahraganat songs because they are cheerful … and it is possible to sing a festival duet as long as there is a need for entertainment for people, but it must be an appropriate song.

A lot of artists buy views on YouTube .. I don’t care about numbers. The most important thing is that I have an influence on people’s sentiments… My message is different from the numbers message.

– If someone asked me about my age, they would hit him with the box. Nobody will benefit from what he knows about my age.

– I deal with all people and touch them is normal during the Corona period, because I love all people, so it is difficult for me, because I am a normal customer.

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