“I was not satisfied to sleep with him because I was tired,” confessions of the accused murderer


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Thursday 01 April 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed and Muhammad Ayman:

The order referring the North Benha College Prosecutor to the accused “Amal M.” to the Criminal Court for killing her husband revealed the details of the crime and its circumstances.

The prosecution stated in the referral order – Masrawy obtained a copy of it – that the defendant, Umm M., 45 years old, in the Khanka Center department, had deliberately killed her husband, Samir Abdel Aziz, with premeditation that she determined and intended to kill him by preparing a knife for that, and as soon as she won With it, I hastened him with a severe stab in the chest that killed him.

In her confessions, the defendant said that at ten in the evening of December 5, 2020, her victim’s husband woke up and kept quarreling with her and insulting her “because a day before her, you were not satisfied to sleep with him because you are tired.”

The accused added that she had moved into the kitchen; To prepare dinner for him, but he kept cursing her with a knife in her hand to cut “cucumber,” so her daughter called her to read her a word she could not read, “I found Josie Jay and Raya and hit me with a pen and put it on me. I pulled the tranquility, pulled me by my hair and twisted my hand. “

She stated that she asked her young daughter, “Fatima,” to seek the help of the neighbors. “Then he placed me on the ground while I was on top of him, and I tried to tighten his peace while he was pulling, and she entered his stomach,” adding that neighbors took him to the hospital where he breathed his last.

The prosecution also listened to the witness, Tariq M., and said that the defendant’s daughter sought help from her neighbors after a quarrel and a quarrel between her mother and the victim, so he went to her home and saw the accused in possession of a white weapon screaming, “I am his death because of my death.” The victim was lying on the floor of the bedroom with a chest injury and he was transferred to Al-Salam Hospital .

“I am his hump .. his murmur” The witness “Abd al-Nabi A.” refers to the cries of the accused as soon as he entered their home to break up a quarrel between them, with a knife in her hand and her husband drenched in his blood.

As evidence, the prosecutor listened to the statements of “Fatima” 9 years old (the daughter of the accused, who said that she saw her mother bring a “knife” from the kitchen and hid it under a pillow in the room where the incident occurred. When the quarrel broke out, the accused stabbed the victim, but he grabbed the knife by her hand, and I ran to the neighbors. Ask for help.

She added that her mother took advantage of her father’s transfer of neighbors to Al-Salam Hospital, and took her to one of her relatives in Marj.

The forensic report revealed that the cause of death was a recent biological injury of a stabbing and penetrating nature in the chest, which occurred from stabbing with a hard object with a sharp edge and a pointed tip, and it may happen from a knife as the seized and contained.

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