“I was scared and terrified,” and my mother is an opera singer … the most prominent remarks of Al-Azaz


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Sunday 04 April 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

She became the talk of social media, and some called her the granddaughter of the Queen “Hatshepsut”. She also had a different presence than the rest of the female musicians in the ceremony of transferring the procession of royal mummies yesterday, from the Tahrir Museum to the Museum of Civilization in Fustat in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic. The “Tambani” instrument, which dazzled the Egyptian and Arab viewers, at the ceremony that millions awaited yesterday.

In these lines, we show you the most prominent things Radwa said after the ceremony:

Radwa El-Beheiry, one of the players in the musical epic during the Mummies Parade, said that she was proud of this great event, which made me play with all my emotions.

Al-Beheiri added, in a telephone interview with Amr Adib, in a special coverage of the parade of royal mummies in the program “The Story”, on the channel “mbc Egypt”, on Saturday evening, that the machine on which the majority of men play on it, but today it has proven that girls are capable. To do a lot.

“I was scared and terrified at first, and I obtained my strength from the great musician Nader Al-Abbasi on stage, and we passed this with success, praise be to God,” said player Radwa Al-Beheiri.

Radwa Al-Beheiri, the Tamani player in the Orchestra of the Ceremony of the Procession of the Transfer of Royal Mummies, confirmed: “I don’t believe what happened yesterday.

“I worked with Maestro Nader Abbasi,” Radwa added in a telephone interview with the “Good Morning Egypt” program on Sunday: “He is the first to give me the opportunity in the orchestra, and he knows who you heard from yesterday.” He explained: “Most of those who play this instrument are men, not many girls who can play it. It needs to focus on me very much because the mistake is outrageous, and we need to be in touch with the maestro and this will have a lot of study.”

She continued, that she graduated from the Higher Institute of Music, since 2005 and worked in the same year, and has played music since she was seven years old, explaining: “My mother is a doctor in the Academy of Arts and an opera singer, and my father is a television photography director. He was the one who depicted me and my family as an artist, music is in our blood and we are children. “

And the Tambani player added: “Before I saw the stage, I was very frightened. President Sisi was in front of us for the first time, and the fright of the concert was very great, but we offer something to the whole world and therefore it should have been in the fullest way .. The president gets tired, so he was tired and showed fatigue to the people.” “.

Masrawy communicated with Radwa Al-Beheiri, and expressed to us her pride and happiness in participating in the international event, as well as her great happiness after the praise she received for what she presented during the ceremony.

Radwa also revealed to “Masrawy” that she was born in 1984 and is a graduate of the Conservatory.

She explained that she is a drummer on the Tamani instrument at the Cairo Opera Orchestra, and has been working in the band for 12 years.

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