Ibrahim Abdullah: “Cooper” negotiated with us to succeed Pacheco


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the executive committee of the resigned Zamalek club, said that the Zamalek club’s board of directors negotiated with Argentine Hector Cuper to take over the leadership of the team to succeed Pacheco through his assistant Mahmoud Fayez.

Abdullah added, during radio statements this afternoon, Saturday afternoon: “We negotiated with Cooper for $ 70,000 a month, but the contract was not concluded because Cooper did not want to work every day during the Corona period, and then Tariq Hashish, the financial advisor to Zamalek, with permission from the board of directors, negotiated with the French Patrice. Carteron. ”

A member of the executive committee of the resigned Zamalek club continued: “When we negotiated with Carteron, he welcomed and said that he felt guilty and I thank Al-Taawon Club. When he learned of Zamalek’s intention to contract with Carteron, he welcomed the matter and bore the penalty clause and we respect them, and this is our relationship with the brothers.”

Abdullah went on to say: “Pacheco is a respectable taper, but he lost control of the dressing room. We played in Africa with Pacheco, so we drew against Toungit and defeated against Esperance, and we tied against Mouloudia, so we got two points in 3 matches with 9 points. So am I afraid of the crowd’s reaction to the change and I have a crisis? .. The fans attacked the decision to return Carteron because of the timing of the change, but the players of Zamalek did not have a role in changing Pacheco, the management does not follow the fans, but seeks to please the fans.

Asked if he agreed to Pachecos departure and Carteron’s return, Abdullah replied: “What was discussed and discussed inside the boardroom rooms remains inside the rooms as long as there is a decision to leave Pacheco, this is a complete board decision, and whoever says the opposite is not responsible.”


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