Ibrahim Eissa attacks the sports system. Mohamed Salah does not represent Egyptian football


The journalist Ibrahim Issa spoke by presenting the Cairo Hadith program that is broadcast on the Cairo channel and the people and confirmed that the player Mohamed Salah, the player of the national team and the Liverpool player, is not a representative of Egyptian football at all.

Whereas, we should not talk about that he is a representative of the ball. The media indicated through his speech that Mohamed Salah is a representative of Egypt as he is unique and not a representative of the Egyptian football and added that he is not the son of the Egyptian football system.

He explained through his speech and said that the Egyptian system is a failure and should not be a representative of it, stressing that the Egyptian sports system is unable to produce a world star and we do not have a good system, and that Hassan Shehata would have been ousted before he won the African Championship.

He added that Mohamed Salah He developed himself and worked with the European thought and mind of sports and commented on the matter and said the scene of the masses rushing towards Mohamed Salah in the past situation was repeated, and the scene of the system and its failure possesses randomness and decadence of management, as there are millions of players as righteous and could not survive our failed sports systems.

It is reported that Mohamed Salah escaped from the siege of some fans and children in Cairo Stadium after the end of the match, after he was surprised by the presence of some fans around him after the end of the match and trying to film with him under duress and crowding on him and trying to take a selfie with him as he tried to get rid of them.

And that was after he fulfilled the request of some fans to shoot, but he was surprised by the increasing numbers, which forced him to run to the dressing room in the absence of stadium security, as the international professional player of the Liverpool team and the national team scored Mohamed Salah Two goals in the victory of the Egyptian national team at the expense of the Comoros Islands.


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