Ibrahim Hassan: He was surprised by the behavior of some of the players


Ibrahim Hassan, director of football in Al-Ittihad of Alexandria and the former Egyptian star, confirmed that he was surprised by the behavior of some players, pointing out that the current generation was “flustered.”

Ibrahim Hassan said in statements to the “Awdat Al-Dress” program via Al-Nahar channel: “With all due respect to the current generation, it is very fidgety and has a problem in the speed of assimilation and information does not arrive quickly, and I think that eating affects the absorption of players and their blood is cold and not protective like old players and the youth sector. Now it has compliments and trade, unlike in the past. ”

He continued, “I was surprised that the players took pictures with the opponent after losing the match, and Hussam and I were coaches after any defeat. Our days are” darkness “and the players will be normal, and the draw on our days was a disaster, and they are upset if I blame him.”

He added: “There are former officials in the Football Association who told us Hussam and I are afraid to deal with us and that we do not deal with journalists, and this conversation has already happened, and if we take over the leadership of the Egyptian national team, no problems will occur as it is said.”

And about his departure and his twinning from the Al-Ahly club while playing for the Red Castle, Ibrahim Hassan said: “Al-Ahly signed two players and renewed with the young players, and we talked about our contract and its renewal, but we were told that the decision was made to leave us, and Al-Ahly decided our departure and we are not the ones we left.”

He continued: “We were in love with Tariq and Saleh Salim, but those around them were the ones who spoiled the relationship, and we did not ask for money. We agreed that we were playing for a year in Al-Ahly and then we would retire as a kind of honor, but this did not happen. A club like Hossam Hassan and I sacrificed for the Al-Ahly club. ”

Ibrahim Hassan concluded: “Zamalek fans know that we are the children of Al-Ahly club, but despite this they love you. The problem of the Zamalek club is one of the officials and that the players do not know the great value of the club well.”


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