Identification of 19 victims of the 103 km accident in the desert of Assiut – P.O.


11:28 PM

Friday, April 16, 2021

Assiut Mahmoud Agami:

Sources in the Assiut Governorate Health Directorate confirmed today, Friday, that 19 bodies have been identified as victims of the collision that occurred between an oil transport vehicle and a passenger bus, on the “Assiut-Red Sea” road, at km 103, last Tuesday.

Medical sources at Al-Iman General Hospital in Assiut said that the ten corpses belonged to “Islam Mahmoud Muhammad 23 years old, George Rady Doss 33 years old, Ramadan Abdel Salam Muhammad, Ramadan Al-Daqiny Kamel 34 years old, Muhammad Khaled Gad al-Mawla and Khaled Gad al-Mawla Muhammad 40 years old, and Makarios Fathi Helmy Makarios 27 years old, Saber Khalifa Shehata 43 years old, Saman Alfi Bulus, and Imad Abdul-Malik Jowhar. ”

The source confirmed that 8 bodies had been delivered after it was found that their DNA matches the samples drawn from the families of the missing in the accident, which were compared with the samples taken from the bodies, which number approximately 20 bodies and body parts.

Assiut General Hospital added that the bodies of 9 people were identified: Ali Muhammad Ali 18 years old, Sumaya Abdul Sami Mahmoud 37 years old, Gharib Mahmoud Abdel Aal 44 years old, Mahmoud Saad Ahmed 33 years old, Fatima Zahra Abdul Sami 27 years old, and Muhammad Salah Abdul Rahman Muhammad 34 years old, Ahmed Ali Abdel Latif, 40 years old, Abdul Rahman Abdul Sami 31 years old, and Kamal William Qadis Suleiman 41 years old, indicating that the victims’ families received the bodies of their relatives.

And the “Assiut – Red Sea” road witnessed a terrible collision between a car transporting petroleum products and a passenger bus, at km 103, killing 20 people and wounding 3 others.

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