If my name is missing the adequacy of my body, this is the motto of Myriam Klink: Watch


The Lebanese show artist, Myriam Klink, revealed her charms and sensitive areas with a new video in which she ignited an Instagram site, in which she appeared through her official account, dancing lightly in a street and public street wearing a short, scandalous dress with a comment in which she said: “The myth of the era … the body of the snake.”

In an indication of the lightness and grace of her sculpted body, which she showed on many occasions in seductive pictures in a scandalous bikini and revealed her tight buttocks and large chest after many plastic surgeries that the clinic underwent in the recent period

Comments poured in from the fans of Myriam through her official account, and the audience divided to praise her appearance and her daring dress, flirting with her sexy graceful figure, and criticizing her actions and her frequent striptease appearances through the media media.

If my name is missing the adequacy of my body, this is the motto of Myriam Klink: Watch
Myriam Klink

The audience wondered about Myriam wearing the Underwire in her last looks, after the previous snake body video, in which she appeared in the body of fashion models and represented them by not wearing it under their bold dresses

It is worth noting that Klink had left Lebanon for her second country in terms of nationality, Serbia, after the bombing of Beirut, the opening of the airports, and her immoral celebration of her birthday, which brought her to wide criticism in Lebanon

It is noteworthy that Klink had promised the public to stop publishing her nude photos after adopting the style of nudity by female rookies, which is considered an infringement on her professional profession, which Miriam was famous for through social networks.


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