Ihab Galal gives the main Ismaili players a 48-hour rest after the Al-Masry brace


The Ismaili technical apparatus gave its players a short rest for the main players for 48 hours after defeating Al-Masry Al-Port Said, and Al-Ismaily won an impressive victory over Al-Masry with two goals to one, in Al-Derby, who combined them in the 18th week of the local league championship.

Ismaily achieved his second wins this season, and the first victory over Al-Masry since the 2017/2018 season in the Canal Derby. Farid Shawky scored by mistake, and Shukry Naguib scored Al-Ismaily’s goal in the match, while Mohamed Abdel-Latif Grindo scored Al-Masry’s only goal.

The victory raised the balance of Ismaili to the 14th point in the 17th place, while the Egyptian balance stuck at 26 points in the fourth place.

The medical apparatus of the Ismaili Club decided that Hussein El-Sayed Marcelo, the left back of the team, should undergo x-rays on his foot during the next few hours to determine the extent of his injury that he suffered during the Port Said Egyptian meeting, and accordingly determine the duration of treatment.

Hussein El-Sayed Marcelo was unable to complete the match after feeling pain in the posterior muscle, to leave the stadium from his injury, and Mustafa Fares replaced him.

Ismaily coach Ihab Jalal expressed his happiness at achieving a difficult and expensive victory over Al-Masry Al-Port Said in the 18th week of the Premier League, after receiving an undeserved loss in the last round.

Jalal added in statements after the match: “A victory that we desperately needed in order to gradually restore confidence to the players, and I excuse some of them and think that the lack of success is the most important factor in the decline of the team’s ranking.”

The technical director of the dervishes continued: “There is no doubt that we needed this victory. It is possible for the world to calm down a little. The long pause of nearly 20 days has worked in our favor, because there are many things that need a lot of work. It is natural for the big teams to have a style of play that differs from the small teams.” .


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