Ihab Jalal puts the map to save Ismaili from landing after the uprising against Al-Masry


Ihab Jalal, the coach of the Ismaili club, held a contract with his fully auxiliary apparatus during which he informed them of the stage plan during the period of the stoppage of the league within the map to save the dervishes from relegation, stressing to them the need to pay attention to the psychological and moral aspect in dealing with the players to equip them for the next period, and Jalal assured his assistants that the interest in the technical aspects is not Sufficient to ensure the preparation of the Ismaili players, indicating that the dervishes will not be allowed to descend into the second section even if on his body, calling on his assistants to intensify psychological doses for the players with attention to upgrading the physical aspects during the suspension period.

And set Ihab Jalal Conditions for the release of the frozen dues of the players after the victory over the Egyptian Port Said and the restoration of the memory of victories, as Jalal stipulates the continuation of the victories march and the improvement of the ranking of the dervishes in the league table in order to disburse the frozen dues due to the retreat of the results.

Jalal seeks to take advantage of the current stoppage in preparing the injured and substitutes to face the war production scheduled for the first of next May at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium in the nineteenth round matches of the competition, and Jalal believes that this stoppage is a sufficient opportunity to arrange the papers of his team after two matches against Ceramica and then Al-Masry

Team resumes on Saturday Ismaily His training on his stadium after Ihab Jalal gave his main players a rest on Thursday and Friday after the victory over Al-Masry Al-Port Said, and the Dervishes won an exciting victory over Al-Masry with two goals to one, in Al-Derby, which brought them together in the 18th week of the local league championship.

Ismaili achieved his second victories this season, and it was the first victory over Al-Masry since the 2017/2018 season in the Canal Derby, Farid Shawky scored by mistake, and Shukri Naguib scored Al-Ismaili’s goal in the match, while Mohamed Abdel-Latif Grindo scored Al-Masry’s only goal.

The victory raised the balance of Ismaili to the 14th point in the 17th place, while Al-Masry’s balance stuck at 26 points in the fourth place.


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