Imam Ashour faces severe punishment after video insults at Al-Ahly and its leaders



Imam Ashour faces severe punishment after video insults at Al-Ahly and its leaders

Al-Ahly Club of Egypt officially filed a complaint today, Monday, with the Football Association and the Disciplinary Committee, against Zamalek player and the Egyptian Olympic team, Imam Ashour.

Al-Ahly attached to his complaint “flashes” that included five videos of the player Imam Ashour and his colleagues, who were insulting, insulting, and uttering the Al-Ahly club, its board of directors, its former president, the club entity and its fans, after the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match in the Youth League, which was held yesterday at Al-Ahly stadiums in the Nasr City branch.

In his official complaint against the Zamalek player and his colleagues, Al-Ahly demanded the application of the regulations and the provisions of the law that came in this section, in the interest of the competitive atmosphere and the relationship between the fans of the two clubs, especially since Imam Ashour was used to transgressing the rights of others in many incidents and was not deterred by previous penalties.

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The club’s complaint stated that the actions, words and insults made by Ashour and his colleagues represent disgraceful acts and violations that are foreign to the sports community and cause discord among the masses, and violate all rules of morals and affect the behavior of young people, and even fundamentally contradict the regulations of the Egyptian and International Football Federation (FIFA), as well as the regulations. Discipline and ethics for the Football Association.

The complaint also included that there was no justification whatsoever for Imam Ashour and his colleagues for these transgressions, and accusations were directed against leading figures in the Al-Ahly Club, the agent of insults and insults in terms punishable by law, especially since the match was held at Al-Ahly stadiums and did not witness any accidental events, and took place within the framework of He competed for the Republic Championship, but Ashour used to transgress the rights of others, as he had previously attacked Al-Ahly player Walid Suleiman after the Egyptian Super match, which was held in the UAE by kicking with the foot, in a way that violated all the rules of morals and etiquette, especially since Walid Suleiman was lying on Earth. And the Discipline and Ethics Committee suspended Ashour for ten matches after this incident, which many believed would require more punishment.

The Football Association regulations stipulate in the penalties that:

The Code of Discipline and Ethics issued by the Football Association states that if the player commits a disgraceful sporting behavior, improper behavior, or does not have a sporty spirit, incites the audience, or incites others to discrimination, hatred, violence, or any disrespectful behavior before, during or after the match He shall be punished by one of the following penalties:

1- Suspension.

2- A fine of a minimum of 50 thousand pounds, in addition to the value of damages, if any.

3- Cancellation.

4- A fine for the value of what was destroyed.

Provided that the committee imposes the appropriate penalties without being bound by the sequence of these penalties.

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