Important advice for the elderly on World Health Day .. Know them


On this day corresponding to the seventh of April, the whole world celebrates World Health Day, and on this day many important health tips are presented in order to educate everyone and indicate to them how important health is, and today we decided to offer you a set of important advice That was presented For the elderly During this special day.

Important advice for the elderly

Certainly, taking care of the body is something everyone needs, regardless of age, as it is very important for protection and prevention of diseases, but with age and reaching the age of sixty-five years or more, the matter becomes more important, so you may be infected with something as simple as the flu or a cold. It can develop and cause many complications, such as secondary infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, as well as otitis and sinusitis.

Important advice for the elderly
Important advice for the elderly

But if you are a person who suffers from any chronic disease such as asthma or diabetes, you should know that your respiratory system may be affected and worsen your health condition.

Important advice to stay healthy

You should know that using the spirit of vinegar can treat the skin tags, it is possible for you to have skin growths at the bottom of the foot and keep growing inside it, which is known as a flesh or callus, which always exposes you to severe pain while walking or when pressing on the foot, and you can Eliminate this problem by using the vinegar spirit and applying it to the affected area two to three times during the day, and you have to continue this for two weeks without interruption, or until the sore nail disappears.


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