Imprisonment and fine … Learn about the penalty for allowing health insurance services to non-contributors


The Comprehensive Social Health Insurance Law promulgated by Law No. 2 of 2018 stipulates that comprehensive social health insurance is a compulsory system, and the family is the main insurance coverage unit within the system, and this system is based on the separation of funding from service provision, as it provides a range of services, including For example, writing prescriptions, dispensing medicines and supplies necessary for treatment according to the basic and supplementary lists issued by the specialized committees of the authority, as well as making the necessary medical reports, primary and periodic medical examination for every job candidate to verify his health and psychological fitness, in addition to treatment abroad for those who are impossible to treat from During the services provided inside the Arab Republic of Egypt and he has treatment abroad, based on a report issued by a specialized committee in this regard and formed by the authority, and the executive regulations clarify its procedures and controls

The following is a review of the penalties stipulated for facilitating access to the aforementioned services.

And according to the law

“Shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than a year and a fine of not less than one hundred thousand pounds and not exceeding two hundred thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties every health care provider, beneficiary, or worker in the authority who deliberately submits false claims or claims for services that have not been provided or Non-participants in the system were allowed to obtain services unlawfully. “


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