In an elegant dress and curly hair, Nessma Mahjoub salutes the mummies transfer party


08:35 PM

Saturday 03 April 2021

I wrote – Hind Khalifa

The singer Nessma Mahgoub appeared during the ceremony for the transfer of royal mummies, with an elegant look, as she wore a navy dress.

Nessma Mahgoub’s view was distinguished by elegance and simplicity, as the dress was navy, with pleats surrounding the waist and extention on the shoulder.

Aesthetically, she adopted makeup that matches the color of her skin, intending to highlight the eye with black eyeliner, and also adopted the hairstyle of a ponytail, leaving the curly story to the side.

The journey of 22 royal mummies began a short while ago on a journey the world awaits from the current location of its display in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the place of its permanent display in the Museum of Civilization in Fustat in ancient Egypt.

The eyes of the world are focused on the heart of the Egyptian capital to follow the majestic procession of 22 great kings of Egypt on their journey.


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