In numbers … Al-Ahly is losing a third of its strength in the absence of Hamdi Fathy, Maaloul, Ajay and Hani


In the recent period, Al-Ahly stars were hit by injuries, the most prominent of whom were absent from participating with the team, and Al-Ahmar was deprived of the efforts of influential elements, especially in the offensive aspect, and before an important meeting in front of Zamalek at the summit of the general league, which will be held April 18.

Officials received Alahli football clubA severe shock during the past hours, after the team’s two teams, Mohamed Hani and Junior Ajay, were confirmed to be absent from the team for several weeks. Although the technical staff of Al-Ahly thought that Mohamed Hani’s injury was minor and would only deprive him of the victory match tomorrow, Wednesday, in the 32nd Egyptian Cup round, the shock It came during the past hours after the coaching staff, led by Pitso Mosimane, received confirmation from the team doctor that Hani would be absent Zamalek match Scheduled for April 18 this year General League.

The absence of Hani and Ajay comes in conjunction with the absence of Tunisian Ali Maaloul, left back Al-Ahly, who also suffered a posterior muscle injury during his participation in the Club World Cup, to be absent since that tournament from the team, in addition to the absence of Hamdi Fathi, who was injured in the arm during his participation with the national team African qualifiers for the Nations Cup.

Al-Ahly scored 23 goals in the general league and 16 goals in the African Champions League, bringing Al-Ahly’s total goals this season to 39 goals in the tournaments in which it participated.

Ali Maaloul, left-back Al-Ahly, contributed 8 goals before his absence from the team due to the injury to the posterior muscle, which came with two goals scored by the Tunisian and 6 goals he made for his teammates, Hamdi Fathi scored one goal, while Mohamed Hani scored one goal as well, while Ajay scored two goals and set one goal. , So that the total participation of the quartet in Al-Ahly’s goals this season is 13 goals between scoring and making goals, out of 39 goals.


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